If you’re looking to redecorate your family room, one thing that can bring instant warmth is a woven wood blind on the window. A woven wood blind isn’t a fussy window treatment but nor is it overly simplistic.

Many companies now manufacture an incredibly tasteful woven wood blind, and can even custom-make them to the exact specifications of your window, which could lead people to think you’re so polished that you hired an interior decorator. Woven woods are a fitting design option for modern living. More often than not they are manufactures using very environmentally responsible materials, such as bamboo, grass and reed. You can often customize them even further with decorative border and various lining options.

One option to consider that’s especially valuable for a family room type of setting is a lining that provides privacy – so your family can be free of the prying eyes of the outside world – and blocks the sun. Besides the fact that sun can hasten the fraying and fading of furniture, rugs, paint, wallpaper and wood flooring, the harmful UV rays can seriously affect your family’s health.

And with the right kind of lining on your windows, you can also help to prevent heat loss in the winter and keep the chilly, harsh winds outdoors, and in the summer, you can ensure that the stifling heat doesn’t interfere with the hard work of your A/C. Another bonus will be savings on your energy bills.

A simple woven wood blind can improve the look and feel of your family room – literally and figuratively.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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