Have you always dreamt of traveling to the Orient? Do you imagine yourself touring the large, vibrant cities in the Far East, exploring the vast countryside, eating exotic and tasty cuisine and immersing yourself in a brand new culture? While the dream may be very real, the very real reality for many is that it’s a trip that’s not exactly affordable.

However, what is more affordable is the idea of bringing the Far East into your home and enjoying the aesthetic of Asian cultures even if you can’t visit that part of the world – at least not yet. One way to immerse your home in the look of Asia is with bamboo roll up shades.

Bamboo roll up shades can be found at all companies that have a reputation for finely made window treatments these days. Oftentimes they are carefully crafted from the soft woods of the Orient with materials including bamboo, grass or reeds. The designs for bamboo roll up shades can be magnificent, with various styles including waterfall woven wood shades, standard woven wood shades, cascade woven wood shades and hobbled woven wood shades.

Bamboo roll up shades are generally a fitting design option for modern living. Many companies now have the technology and skill to custom craft the shades to your exact specifications, using the finest environmentally responsible materials available.

While traveling to Asia may not be in your immediate future, bringing a touch of Asia to your home may be a more immediate – and economical – solution.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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