What a Personal Injury Lawyer can do for you

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Queens NY helps victims by handling their lawsuits against the parties whose carelessness and negligence caused the injuries. The negligent party may either be an individual or a company. A person can sue a company or a store owner for negligence if an injury occurs in their business premises. Personal injury law deals with automobile accidents, wrongful deaths, and medical malpractice among other claims.

Function of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys help clients get compensation for injuries caused by accidents that they did not cause. The compensation may be offered to cover medical expenses, replacement of property damaged in an accident, lost wages and others. Victims can obtain the compensation by negotiating with insurance companies and other responsible parties. This may not be an easy undertaking for the victims to do on their own and this is the reason why many hire personal injury lawyers. The lawyer ensures that the client is not forced to give away their rights during the settlement. The lawyer will also represent the client in court if a settlement cannot be reached.

Cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Queens NY

Some personal injury lawyers provide their services on a contingency basis. The lawyer gets paid when the client wins a settlement. Their fee is normally a certain percentage of the settlement. The maximum amount a lawyer can be awarded as fees by a client vary with the state. However, most states allow personal injury lawyers to be paid 30 to 40 percent of the settlement. The lawyer does not get paid if the client loses a trial. However, whether the client wins or loses a settlement, there are certain expenses that they should pay for including photocopying, postage and court fees.

Types of personal injury lawyers

Personal injury law is such a broad field. It covers various aspects including medical malpractice, workers compensation, accidents and others. Many injury attorneys have specialized in one or two fields. Individuals looking for a personal injury lawyer should search for an attorney who specializes in the type of case they are involved in. This is significant especially in cases that involve medical malpractice and workman’s compensation. Such cases have specific rules and can lead to very complex trials.

How to find a personal injury lawyer

Research is a key factor in finding a personal injury lawyer. Start the search by asking friends, family and local lawyers if they know of a lawyer that they can recommend. Many personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to prospective clients. This offers potential clients the opportunity to meet face to face with the lawyer and talk about a case before making a decision on whether or not to hire the lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Queens NY helps people who are suffering from injuries caused by other people’s negligence. Find one good lawyer when you visit Josephperrini.com today.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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