Hiring a Lawyer When a Dog Bites You

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Law and legal

Not all dogs are friendly, particularly to strangers, and there are times when what seems to be a gentle family dog is suddenly becomes a growling, teeth-baring killer. Being attacked by a dog, particularly one that is large and can cause serious damage or death, is a horrifying experience. It can cause not only scars that last for the rest of your life, but psychological trauma from which it is very difficult to recover. Seeking a lawyer in New Castle to pursue damages in incidents involving dog bites is often necessary.

Felicia Gomez knows this better than most. She was attacked by a pit bull while taking a walk on a sunny summer afternoon when she was 17 years old. “The dog came out of nowhere,” she told her lawyer in New Castle as they recalled the incident together. “I didn’t even see it until it was jumping up for my throat.” Gomez instinctively blocked the dog’s attack with her arm, and his teeth clamped down over her entire hand, muscles contracted, and she could not shake it off. “I was screaming my head off,” she says, “violently shaking my arm around trying to get that dog off my hand. Something suddenly occurred to me, and I starting banging the dog down against the sidewalk and this guy comes out and says, ‘Hey! Don’t hurt my dog, man!’ I couldn’t believe it!”

The dog’s owner was finally able to convince his pet to release Felicia Gomez’s hand. Her mother was summoned quickly to the scene to find Felicia sobbing, her hand a bloody mess of malformed fingers (many now missing), protruding bone fragments, and torn tissues. The owner was trying to calm down his dog, and Felicia’s mom was trying to tend to Felicia when the dog escaped again, and this time launched himself at her face, taking a significant bite from her left cheek. Everyone present was horrified, including the dog owner, who was now screaming at his pet with rage. Felicia passed out.

After a criminal case for owner negligence was being pursued in court, Felicia’s lawyer in New Castle sought compensation for medical bills, trauma, and loss – including punitive damages – in civil court. The dog had not been properly chained or fenced according to local municipal laws, and prior to the second vicious attack, the owner had done nothing to prevent the dog from attacking again, instead stroking his dog and trying to calm him. Felicia’s lawyer in New Castle won damages for the medical treatment, psychological effects she continues to suffer from, and the cosmetic injury to both her hand (causing her to need a prosthetic) and her face.

Lawyer New Castle – Severe or permanent injuries caused by a dog attack can be absolutely devastating and life-changing. If you’ve sustained serious injury due to a dog bite, contact a lawyer in New Castle without delay. Luxenberg, Garbett, Kelly & George are experienced with dog bite cases and know the nuances and variables to consider when preparing your case to ensure maximum compensation.

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