Taking Care of Children’s Smiles with Pediatric Dentist York

If you have been to a Pediatric Dentist York lately, you must have noticed the difference in the dental clinic’s atmosphere and ambiance. They are generally so much different compared to the traditional clinic that your parents used to bring you to when you were a child. Many dental offices now are child-friendly; they are filled with children’s toys, books, DVD’s and games to put children at ease while waiting for their turn at the dentist’s chair. Kids traditionally fear the dental appointments and so do most adults. Most have not outgrown their fear of pain during tooth extraction. It is very important to reduce, if not eliminate, the fear and stress associated with dental visits.

What is new with Pediatric Dentist York?

Dental Sealant:

A dental sealant makes the rough surfaces of the teeth smoother and easier to clean. If you have given your child a cookie and find out that some pieces remain to be stuck in the teeth, your child can benefit from dental sealants. The sealants are very easy to apply as they are simply brushed over the teeth and the sealant will bond with the tooth enamel.

Flouride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is different from the fluoride content in the toothpaste since it is more concentrated. It is applied using a cotton swap or a brush. There should be no eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes to allow the fluoride to sink into the teeth.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Pediatric dentists would most likely look at the wisdom teeth if they should stay or go. If it looks like the wisdom teeth will come in properly without causing any problems or pain, it will be allowed to develop; but if there are possibilities that it will not come in properly, the wisdom teeth will be removed to prevent further discomfort. Parents, however, should discuss with the dentists the risks and benefits of taking out or leaving the wisdom teeth as it is.

Pediatric Dentist York is seeing more and more children of a younger age in order to properly educate them on the importance and benefits of regular brushing, flossing and dental hygiene. Pediatric dentists also discuss with the parents the importance of a proper diet to build strong and healthy teeth. This helps build a good relationship with children at a very young age and effectively removes the fear factor in facing dental treatments.

Oral hygiene is very important for children since they are more prone to tooth decay and gum diseases. Pediatric Dentists can help in cleaning the children’s teeth thoroughly which they cannot do on their own and even with the help of the parents. Removing the food bits stuck in between the teeth will reduce problems with bacteria and tooth decay. As soon as the child develops the first tooth it is very important to observe proper dental hygiene.

Pediatric Dentist York also offers orthodontics like restorative or reconstructive dentistry to restore a missing tooth and bring back the radiant smile. Missing teeth have a negative impact on a child as it affects not only the general appearance but the amount of confidence and self esteem. A toothless grin may be cute but not when it becomes the target of jokes.

Dentistry for kids aims to promote the importance of good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay and gum problems. Visit Tri-Hill Family Dentistry for more details on pediatric dentist York.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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