Get that Perfect Movie Star Smile from Cosmetic Dentist York

For some unknown reason, a lot of people fear dentists more than any kind of medical practitioner. People refrain from having dental treatments due to the fear factor and seek the services of the dentist only when there is an emergency tooth condition. Families should not hold back when it comes to spending for the care of the teeth. They can certainly skimp to save a few pennies on a new pair of shoes or car accessories but never on dental care and treatment.

It is important to understand the difference between dentists who perform the routine procedures from those that are knowledgeable about restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Nowadays, dentists perform different processes and techniques to improve the patients’ smile. Cosmetic Dentist York provides for many options to change and improve discolored, chipped or broken teeth to achieve that certain clean and beautiful smile. Your cosmetic dentist can reshape the teeth, close spaces between teeth, restore the worn out teeth or alter the length of the teeth. These procedures are not always cosmetic as it improves oral problems like the bite.

  • Bleaching – a common chemical process to whiten the teeth. Discoloration often occurs as a result of drinking coffee, smoking, medication or hereditary factors. Some people undergo bleaching to make the stains disappear and enjoy whiter teeth.
  • Bonding – a colored filing for the gaps in the teeth and small cavities. When teeth are chipped or slightly decayed, bonded composite resins that resemble the color of the natural teeth are used.
  • Crowns – are the caps used to cover the tooth to restore it to its natural shape and appearance. Of all the cosmetic procedures done by a cosmetic dentist, the crowns have the longest life expectancy.
  • Veneers – are the alternative to the crowns and are more expensive. These are the porcelain or plastic used to cover the front teeth to improve its color or shape. Cosmetic Dentist York uses veneers on teeth with uneven surfaces, chipped, broken, discolored or crooked.  
  • Contouring and reshaping – the procedure to correct crooked teeth, irregularly shaped teeth or overlapping teeth. This procedure is done on patients who have healthy and normal teeth but want to improve their smile. It also corrects oral problems that has something to do with bite.

In considering a cosmetic dentist, it is important to know how the changes will look like after the procedure. Know what to expect during the course of treatment and what maintenance is necessary after the procedure. However, the most important factor is the competence and skill of the cosmetic dentist who will perform the procedure. References from co-workers and friends provide the best word of mouth advertisement. You will sense from their smiles the quality of work that has been provided by their respective Cosmetic Dentist York.

Why is it very important to have the perfect smile? A smile alters the personality of an individual; a perfect smile increases confidence and self-esteem. Many individuals have realized the advantages of the perfectly shaped and even teeth courtesy of the Cosmetic Dentist York.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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