Outdoor Fireplaces – Feel the Warmth!

Outdoor fireplaces serve as a great and attractive way of accessorizing your backyard or patio. Fireplaces can be used for multiple purposes – for grilling or roasting marshmallows over it or to simply sitting around it and enjoying the warmth and comfort of the fire. It is more or less similar to indoor fireplaces in terms of construction. They are usually for decoration as opposed to indoor fireplaces.

Before investing in an outdoor fireplace, check whether your city has any bans or rules on the same. These are mainly related to smoke dissemination. Firebricks are constructed using asbestos are also banned. Many communities have restrictions regarding the wood used. Sometimes local laws may require you to obtain a permit before using the pit whereas in some places pits for personal use are completely illegal. You must be aware about the local laws before you make your purchase.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you would like to opt for a gas fireplace or an electric one.

  1. Gas-burning fireplaces do not need the installation of a chimney, are easy to operate, and eliminate the possibility of smoke and sparks flying out but they carry a few drawbacks as well. You may need to dig up your backyard to bring gas lines till the desired location. A bit of extra work for hooking up the gas such as gas pipe fitting, leveling, and placing the logs constitute is slightly tedious. But, they are highly effective as they can be used for heating large spaces, up to a couple thousand square feet.
  2. Electric fireplaces are simple to set up and are comparatively cheaper. They consist of two elements – the attractive surround and the decorable inserts made of cast iron. A thermostat is provided to make adjustments according to personal preferences. Moreover, it is considered to be 100% efficient over other alternatives as the energy supplied is transformed into heat which spreads evenly. In case someone accidentally touches the fireplace there will be no chance of burns, as these are cool to touch. This is helpful if you have children in your house and you are worried about their safety. However, these are costly and further add to your electricity bill. Eve, the flames don’t look very realistic as compared to a gas burning one.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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