Learn about Scorpions in Marana

If you live in the Marana area, chances are you have heard about the dangers of scorpions. While not everyone will come across them, they do exist in the area. It is best to understand exactly what they look like, when they come out and what to do in the event of a sting from scorpions in Marana to keep you and your family safe.

The Characteristics

There are more than 90 species of scorpions that exist in the United States, but not all of them live in Arizona. You can find around 40 different species in Arizona, with the most common being the Bark Scorpion. This type typically measures between one and one and a half inches long and is either tan or dark brown in color.

The Places Scorpions Are Found

In general, scorpions in Marana like to live in dark, cool places. They are found both inside and outside of the home. The most common place to find them is in areas in which many homes have recently been built due to the disruption of the wood that was more than likely their home. Outside, they are typically found underneath bark or buried in various other wood piles. In the home, they can be found in crawl spaces or any other cool, dark room in your home. They come out at night and spend most of their day hidden. It is always best to check the inside of any clothes or shoes before putting them on because they like to hide in such places.

Scorpion Stings

The typical places to be stung by scorpions in Marana are on the hands and feet. If you get stung, you will know it by the immediate pain you feel. Eventually, you will also feel pain in other areas of your body that are not local to the sting. You might also experience slurred speech, trouble swallowing, muscle twitching and restlessness. In the event you are stung, immediately wash the area and apply a cold compress. It is always best to seek medical attention right away to determine the severity of the sting, as well as to determine if you are having an allergic reaction.

Scorpions in Marana are not something you need to be incredibly fearful of, but they are something to be aware of. Making yourself aware of what they look like, where they live and what to do in the event of a sting will keep you the safest. If you suspect scorpions in your home, you should call a reputable pest control company to help you rid your home of them.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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