Lacrosse Tournaments – A True American Sport

Lacrosse tournaments have been a tradition in America since as early as 1100 AD. This Native American sport has been played in various styles and forms for several centuries. Lacrosse tournaments were originally played with hundreds or even thousands of men in a team who played for all day or even two or three days continuously at a stretch. Modern lacrosse tournaments have undergone a lot of change since then and are now played with teams of 10. Lacrosse tournaments are played with a rubber ball and a stick with a loose mesh strung to its head. This mesh pocket is used to catch the ball and caddied across the field to the goal.

Types Of Lacrosse Tournaments

There are four most common types of lacrosse tournaments. There is men’s field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse. Men’s field lacrosse is played on a field 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. The goals set inside a semicircular crease 18 feet in diameter and each goal measures 6 feet by 6 feet. Box lacrosse on the other hand is played on a rectangular hockey rink with teams of six.

Women’s lacrosse is significantly different from men’s lacrosse. The rules are different as well as the size and weight of the equipment is quite different. Apart from these, lacrosse tournaments are very popular among colleges with almost every college having its own lacrosse team.

International lacrosse has become popular very recently and only a few select countries like Canada, Britain and Australia play the sport along with United States of America.

Gear And Apparel For Lacrosse Tournaments

Just like every sport, lacrosse tournaments too have a specific set of equipment that every lacrosse player must possess. The most important part of a lacrosse tournament is the lacrosse stick that consists of a shaft and a head. The shaft is a metal stick usually 40 inches long or slightly more in some cases. The head of a lacrosse stick is roughly triangular in shape and has a mesh pocket attached to it which actually holds and carries the ball.

Lacrosse tournaments can be fairly aggressive and players must wear the right protective gear to keep them safe from physical injuries during the course of play. A protective helmet is extremely essential. Players also need to wear arm pads, shoulder pads and rib pads. Protective gloves and appropriate foot wear his foes who equally important. If you are a lacrosse enthusiast, it would be a good idea to visit some of the online stores and take a good look at all the equipment and apparel that you would require before you step on the field for your lacrosse tournaments.

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