Facts You Should Know About Trading Cards

Sports trading cards are by far the most popular collectibles and memorabilia for sports fans of all ages. Basically, these cards contain information, photos fun facts and statistics about athletes and teams. In some cases, these cards are randomly infused and sold in sets or packs. Whether you are an avid fan of basketball or baseball, having these cards will certainly show off your passion and appreciation of your favorite sport.


Sports cards were first introduced during the 1850s. At that time, sport cards were manufactured by tobacco and cigarette companies. Originally, the main purpose of these cards was to promote tobacco and cigarette products. Since baseball was America’s favorite pastime, tobacco manufacturers decided to infuse baseball cards to their products.

In 1951, Topps trading cards Company produced the first modern baseball card sets. Topps released two different card sets, one with the blue backs and the other with red backs. Each card set was consisted of fifty two baseball card, and was designed to play a baseball themed game that is very much alike your conventional playing cards. After a few years, Fleer and Donruss joined Topps in the sports trading card market.


Sports cards are available in various types and form. Keep in mind that each card trading company has its own sets of cards for every sport. For instance, Topps produces cards for various sports that include basketball, football, and baseball. In addition to that, Topps manufactures more than ten baseball varieties that include Topps Chrome, Bowman, Opening Day, Stadium Club, and many more.

Upper deck, on the other hand, produces trading cards for all the major sports in America. Like Topps, Upper Deck has a multitude of varieties of each sport. With basketball, for instance, Upper Deck has a set of basketball cards that include MVP editions and Hot Prospects.

Reasons why people collect it

When compared to other sports collectibles, sports cards are more economical and easier to collect. Basically, a set of Topps trading cards would only cost a few dollars. With sports trading cards, avid sports fans can get great and wonderful sports memorabilia without spending a great deal of money. There are some sports cards, however, that would cost more than a thousand dollars. In most cases, expensive sports cards are either rare or vintage. Usually, people who collect these expensive cards would use them for trading or investments.

Leading manufacturers of sports cards

The sports card market is dominated by a few notable manufacturers. So far, the leading manufacturers of sports cards are Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, Leaf Candy Company, and Topps. Aside from producing sports cards, these companies also manufacture non-sports series cards.

Player affects the value of the card

Sports card values are determined by a number of different factors. One of the main determining factors of the value of a sports card is the player on the card. In this case, cards that contain All-star and popular players are more expensive than the ones with players that are less known. The more popular or successful the player is, the higher the card’s value will be.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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