How Eye Glasses Work

Have you ever wondered how eye glasses work? How can a simple piece of glass totally change the way you interpret the world? Even for people who wear eye glasses, the question of how they actually work is often left a mystery. If you would like to understand a few of the basics of these ingenious inventions, hopefully this will help. Whether you will be wearing them or not, it can be very interesting to learn about the function of eye glasses in Culver City.

One of the first things you may want to understand when considering eye glasses is the basic function of your eye. For a detailed description of the various intricacies of the eye, you may want to research elsewhere, but here are some of the basics. Often compared to a camera, an eye has a lens and a method of adjusting exposure and focus, allowing you to see clearly at different distances. There are several different parts of an eye. The cornea is the transparent area that allows light to travel to the pupil. Your pupil is what regulates the amount of light that enters. The retina, made up of rods and cones, receives the light and helps provide the perception of black and white and color.

With so many different parts to a normal functioning eye, it is not surprising that things occasionally go wrong. If there is a problem in any area of the eye, your vision might be affected. That’s why so many people need eye glasses in Culver City. Depending on your specific eye problem, eye glasses can do a variety of things to improve your ability to see clearly.

So how do glasses actually work? If your problem is that you are more nearsighted, meaning that you have difficulty seeing anything beyond a few inches away from your face, it most likely means that your eye structure is too long. If this is the case, your eye glasses will likely use concave lenses that bend the rays of light and help you see farther distances. For a problem of farsightedness, your glasses will likely have the opposite effect, using a convex lens to help you see objects that are closer to your face. These are just a few examples of the many things that glasses can do to improve a person’s eyesight.

It is amazing what these simple pieces of glass can do to improve a person’s ability to see. Individuals who might have otherwise been unable to see are now receiving very clear vision with their eye glasses in Culver City.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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