Living with Contact Lenses

Contactlenses are great; they allow people to be more active and to not worry about glasses as much. Sure no one wants to lose a contact when swimming or running, but compare that to having to take your glasses off to participate in any sport and it’s clear why contacts are preferred by many people. They do require more upkeep than glasses which you can pretty much get away with just giving a quick wipe down every time they get dirty. Now, there’s not much regional or climate based for contactlenses and their care. You might have to worry more about them drying in Phoenix, Arizona than in CulverCity, but otherwise it’s pretty standard.

The first thing is to remember to wash your hands before and after dealing with your contacts, you don’t want to rub the dirt from your finger onto your contacts. Some people recommend rubbing a bit of the solution onto the contact with your finger after you remove it. Some products are billed as no rub, so the best advice in that case is to talk to people who know about those specific lenses to see if it will do any good.

Make sure you know what solutions to use and what order to use them. There is some difference brand to brand so make sure if you have any questions you get them answered. It’s not worth wasting the investment on contactlenses because you were too embarrassed to ask.

If you experience eye dryness and irritation there are specialized drops which can help with that, it’s a worthwhile investment as no one wants puffy irritated eyes. There is one thing related which is uncommon but worth being aware of: some people develop an allergic sensitivity to the solution for their contactlenses, if that happens switch to your glasses and start asking your optometrist about what you can do going forward. One bit of good news is that there are solutions designed for people with allergic reactions that might work for you.

Contactlenses require that bit of extra work but it’s not that complex. It’s definitely worth it too if you’re someone who has to wear corrective lenses all the time. So start investigating your options, first find who’s local to you, it won’t do you any good if you live in CulverCity to talk to people in Phoenix about their options on contactlenses. Then if you’ve decided it’s worth it and found a local eye care center to provide them, ask specific questions about the care and up keep. It might even be worth it to have them give you a quick demonstration if you’ve got any questions. It’s not that complex but it’s always worth it to know exactly what you’re doing.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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