Full-Service Franchise-Specific Litigation for Multiple Industries

Franchise law firms with national recognition represent franchisors, franchisees, franchisee associations, subfranchisors, manufacturers, distributors, dealers and franchisee associations across a range of business sectors.

Representation for Multiple Industries

Franchise litigation lawyers provide services for a broad range of clients. This range can run from small businesses interested in opening up to franchise opportunities to high-profile companies already with thousands of stores.

Full-service representation in the arenas of both litigation and business transactions can include franchise licensing, intellectual property, distribution, employment, real estate and more.

Business sectors served include:

  • Business Services
  • Home Services
  • Gaming, Video and DVD
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Senior Care
  • Printing, Copying and Signing
  • Vending
  • Entertainment
  • Cleaning
  • Hospitality
  • Health and Fitness
  • Shipping and Mailing
  • Security
  • Hospitality
  • Veterinary, Pets and Pet Products
  • Schools, Child Care and Tutoring

Comprehensive Franchise-Specific Services

Franchise litigation lawyers provide legal advice regarding every aspect of a franchise, including franchise initiation decisions, franchise disclosure-document and agreement drafting, navigation of disclosure and registration laws at state and federal levels, franchise and distribution management best practices, internal policy development, negotiations with third parties, such as suppliers and distributors, and additional arbitrating and litigating services.

A Broad Range of Experience

Experienced franchise litigation and trial lawyers have a thorough knowledge of relevant legal concerns specific to each state. Subjects can include:

  • Franchise Relationship and Registration Laws
  • Fraud and Discloure Issues
  • Contract Disputes
  • Dealer and Franchise Renewas
  • Transfers and Terminations
  • Encroachment and Expansion Concerns
  • Territorial Disputes
  • Non-Compete and Exclusitvity Provisions
  • Tortious Interference and Tort Claims
  • Trademark, Trade Secret and Copyright Infringement
  • Anitrust
  • Lanham Act Violations
  • Employment and Labor Disputes

As representatives for their industry as well, franchise litigation lawyers not only provide advice and guidance for businesses of all kinds but also write and speak regularly as leaders and members within relevant franchise-specific associations and committees.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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