How Product Distributor Apps Are Disrupting the B2B Supply Chain

One of the greatest aspects of utilizing a distributor mobile app is the fact that the program and all of its bells and whistles are available across a range of devices from just about any location. Everything from products to updated catalogs is readily accessible and always in sync so everyone on the distribution team is up to speed.

The New Supply Chain

The future of the manufacturer to distributor relationship is here now and it’s the mobile app; the competitive advantage for heavy machinery manufacturers lies in being able to display their products on a continual basis. Dealers will enjoy up-to-date information about the latest rotary product roll-out for instance. They’ll know when the new product is available, how much of the product can be purchased, and other pertinent information down to the very last details.

Tool-Based Asset Management

Distributors are more aware of the product landscape and require more data than ever to make decisions that are ultimately beneficial. The distributor mobile app organizes and showcases key data points such as what products are selling the most and which ones probably need to be replaced. Manufacturers can then tailor certain services according to a dealer’s needs because they understand them much better than the competition.

Training By SaaS

Through such an app, manufacturers can highlight the relationship-building techniques that dealers can use in order to sell more products to more people. It all begins with an organized user interface that’s mobile-friendly.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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