Four Tips On Selecting A Supplier Of Bathrooms In Halton

There are a number of great suppliers of bathrooms in Halton. So which one should you choose? Why not ask friends, neighbours or work colleagues for advice. Well, let us also look at a few tips to stimulate your creative bathroom renovation mind.

Tip 1. Look for a wide range of designs and fittings

To start with select a supplier of bathrooms for your premises in Halton who has a fantastic range of choices for you to consider. From top of the range premier footballer style, to those that meet the needs of the disabled, to a private little en suite hide away to a standard but attractive bathroom for the family. It is only by giving you choice that you can get closer to making a decision.

Tip 2. Select A Bathrooms supplier In Halton with lots of experience

Experience is a must. You want your new bathroom to be designed to meet your needs, so you should look for a company with years of experience of designing and installing a whole range of new bathrooms to individually meet the needs of each customer. Ask to see examples of their work and enquire if they have references from customers. Check to see if they are members of the professional bodies in the plumbing industry, and if they are registered with SAFE GAS and OFTEC.

Tip 3. Make certain that the work is under warranty

You will need a guarantee to ensure that the work will be completed, and that it will have a warranty that you can call upon if there are any defects, and reassurance that they have full liability cover to protect your home if accidents happen. Make certain that you take copies of the documents and if in doubt ask your solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau. Details of all the services and equipment and fittings to be supplied, along with the repair of walls and floors will be covered in your written quotation. If you have any doubts then ask and ask until you are satisfied.

Tip 4. If you are shaky on your feet check to see if they can supply baths to suit your needs

It is important to feel safe and not vulnerable if you are a little unsteady on your feet. There are lots of options available from walk in baths and showers, to high seated toilets. The top suppliers of bathrooms in Halton will have experience and be able to advise you, and indeed possibly point you in the direction of a grant from Social Services at the local council. Additionally whilst the work is being conducted they should be able to organise emergency toilet facilities.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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