Boiler – What Are The Various Types?

After a long day at work everyone looks forward to unwind in the comforts of their home. However, if your home has a poor heating system, it causes a lot of discomfort. So, in order to save money and ensure a quality lifestyle, one should install a quality heating system. If you are looking for a central heating system, a boiler is not a bad idea. They vary in size, cost, output, storage and efficiency. However, you need to choose one that best suits your budget and needs. Here are a few types for you –

A conventional boiler has simple controls that make it easy to use. As it has a simple mechanism maintenance costs are very low, installation is a breeze in any property. Some of its drawbacks are that it cannot supply hot water on demand, it consumes high energy giving you high energy bills and it consists of a two part system, which occupies a lot of space in your home.

Combination boilers

A combination boiler is not as big and bulky as a conventional boiler. It occupies a smaller space, are very efficient and do not need a separate cylinder to store hot water.

Condensing boilers

This is one of the most recent introductions in boiler-technology. It is fuel efficient, as it recollects lost heat from water vapor that is produced.

Electric boilers

Electric boilers are very efficient and as the name suggests, these utilize electricity to heat water. These are only used for the purpose of heating water as electricity can be used in more efficient ways to keep your home warm. However, what sets this apart from the others is the fact that it does not carry the risk of carbon monoxide leakage as none is emitted in the heating process.

Hydronic boilers

This is smaller in size compared to a conventional boiler, as it does not need a different cylinder to store hot water. The water is heated and allowed to change into steam and is then pumped around the house through pipes and radiators.

Once you have selected the boiler that fits your needs you can get the best plumber to install it. To find a plumber and boiler, Widnes is a place to make a start as the best can be found here.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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