Bowman Baseball Cards Still Captivate the Attention of Many!

We have often seen teenagers swapping baseball cards among themselves. A lot of bets are staged where the winner gets a baseball card as his prize. But, what is so special about these cards that all kids go crazy about them? In fact their fan base is not just restricted to kids. Even adults are often ardent fans of these card stacks.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term a baseball card is actually a type of trading card that features players or sports figures associated with baseball. These cards were used extensively in New York as an advertising medium in order to tempt people to buy products. These cards gained immense popularity in a relatively short span of time. Some baseball cards are extremely rare and can’t be found very often. They are usually the oldest ones that come from limited edition stock. These rare collectibles are very expensive.

The manufacturers of these products used to sign on the players on a contractual basis in order to put their picture onto the products. The Bowman Gum Company was one of the first companies to have used such a shrewd strategy to beat their rivals. They used to sell these products to promote chewing gum. They monopolized the market for a long time and posed a firm challenge to the Topps Company. The war between these two companies continued when Topps signed on players and made them agree not to sign any other contracts while they were with Topps. Bowman Gum sued Topps for unfair competition, and on various other grounds. The court refused to side with Bowman and eventually in the later years Topps bought out Bowman.

Even after the take over, Bowman baseball cards were still in huge demand. The 1998 Chrome series & The 1996 Bowman’s Best series still has many takers among young and old alike. Bowman baseball cards are popularly called as the Home of the Rookie Card. These cards now aim at introducing the new players in this sport to collectors. The collectors are bound to get an amazing selection of rookies and prospects at their fingertips. Many new features like original player autographs have also been incorporated in these items.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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