3 Great Ways of Spicing Up Your Dinners with Mexican Hot Sauces

Do you like to eat steaks, roasts or other meat dishes for dinner, almost on a regular basis? Or are you a veggie, and like to eat elaborately prepared salads? Have you ever tried adding Mexican hot sauces to any of those dishes? If you haven’t tried that yet, then now would be a good time to start! Simply buy a pack of Mexican mole sauce or salsa, and apply a generous quantity on the next steak you have. The explosion of flavors in your mouth, followed by a highly satisfying aftertaste, is guaranteed to make every meal an absolute pleasure for you.

So, which kind of Mexican hot sauce would you like to try first? Would that be a mole sauce, or salsa? The following suggestions should help you make your decision:

  1. Do you have steaks at home, on a frequent basis? Then you should definitely try adding Mexican mole sauce to them. Mole sauces are available in a wide variety of colors (red, green, brown, etc.) and flavors. The ingredients also vary widely. For instance, some varieties will have chocolate added to them, while others will combine the tangy taste of tomatillos with the pungency of jalapeƱo peppers. So, take your time to decide which one you would like to have, before you buy. The brown ones offer the best flavor, but are also the strongest in terms of pungency. The red and green ones are easier on the stomach, but are not as strongly flavored.
  1. If you often make meat wraps (pieces of meat, veggies and sauces wrapped with bread) at home, then you should definitely keep a jar of salsa in your kitchen cabinet. Add a heaped spoonful to each of those wraps, and they will taste just heavenly! Try it today if you can. You won’t be disappointed!
  1. Do you love to have lots of veggies, but have been looking for something that can spice up all those tomato, lettuce, and broccoli salads? Well, a tangy salsa may be just right for the job. Buy a jar of it and keep it close to the kitchen counter. Add a generous amount to any salad you make. The results are guaranteed to be satisfactory!

These are just three of the ways, in which you can make use of Mexican hot sauces. Keep experimenting with other types of food as well, till you find the perfect combination that your entire family can enjoy.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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