How to Identify Authentic Mexican Salsa in 3 Easy Steps

Can you imagine biting into a sumptuous taco, without putting some delicious salsa in it? Will a Milanesa taste even half as good, unless you apply a liberal amount of salsa to it, before eating? Indeed, this item may very well be considered the soul of Mexican food. And that is why you always need to have it at hand, in order to enhance the flavor and taste of any Mexican dish that you might prepare at home. If preparing it at home seems too time-consuming, then you can always opt for packaged variants. As long as you can identify authentic Mexican salsa, you will have no trouble in picking up a few bottles for use in your kitchen.

The tricky part here is to identify good quality packaged salsa, from the gazillions of products available out there. Here are some guidelines that should help you with that:

  1. The colors should be rich: Authentic Mexican salsa is always rich brown in color, and deliciously thick! Of course, red and green variants also taste great, and you can definitely pick up one of those, as long as the products are thick and smooth in consistency.
  1. It should smell spicy, but not too pungent: If an overpowering pungent odor hits your nose as soon as you bring a bottle of salsa close to your nose, you might be picking up the wrong brand. The best products always have a rich, spicy aroma, without being too strong.
  1. The taste should be pungent, with a warm aftertaste: Authentic Mexican salsa is always pungent, but does not assault your taste buds as soon as you put some of it in your mouth. Instead, the product should cause a slow burn, giving you enough time to balance it with something else. And then, it should leave a warm aftertaste in your mouth, which lasts for a few minutes. If you are buying the product for the first time, then try to taste a little of it first, either at a friend’s home, or at a supermarket.

Finally, before you buy authentic Mexican salsa of a specific brand, be sure to verify whether the brand is popular among customers. Run a search on Google with the name of the brand, and read a few reviews of the product if you can. After that, all you have to do is drop by at your local supermarket, or simply order the product online, from a reputable store.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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