What to Expect When You Hire a Mobile Grooming Service

When you know that it’s time for your dog to be groomed, and you can’t get them to the groomer for one reason or another, what do you do? Hire mobile pet groomers in Louisville, KY to come to your house and save you the stress. Here’s an idea of what you can expect from your mobile pet groomers from the moment they arrive until the job is done:

Make the call
When you explain that you can’t take the dog for grooming but it just can’t wait anymore, mobile pet groomers will be able to offer solutions, usually relatively quickly. After an explanation of the various dog grooming packages they offer, you’ll then schedule an appointment for the mobile pet groomers to come to your Louisville, KY home. Mobile pet groomers bring all their own equipment, which they will use in their van either in your driveway or parked on the street—not inside your house. So you save not only the trip, but the backbreaking work of cleaning the bathtub after your dog or dogs have had a bath.

Schedule the appointment
Once you choose the package to best fit your dog’s needs, you schedule your dog’s appointment. Tell the mobile pet groomer which day and time will work best for you. Being very flexible in accommodating your schedule is part of the value of their service. You can even set it up while the little ones are down for their afternoon nap, so unobtrusive is the process of working with mobile pet groomers.

The appointment
Once the mobile pet grooming van shows up at your home, the convenience of mobile pet grooming really kicks in because, at that point, the mobile pet groomers take over. Say a quick goodbye to your dog, and they will walk him to the mobile grooming van and begin their work. Out of sight, out of mind, and you are free to do other things you need to do.

In the van
Mobile pet groomers will bathe your pet, brush their teeth, express the anal glands if needed, have their eye and ear area cleaned and trimmed, nails trimmed and perhaps painted, then his coat will be properly dried. After these essentials are completed, their coat will be cut and styled, and if you’ve requested as much, there will be fancy bows for your dog to show off.

It’s a wrap!
Mobile pet groomers will clean up any mess they may have made and will leave the area they used to work in the way they found it. This is another convenience of hiring mobile pet groomers in Louisville, KY instead of taking the dog to a groomer or trying to do it yourself.

Mobile Pet Groomers Louisville, KY – For mobile pet groomers in Louisville, contact Ginger’s Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming, LLC traveling in and around Louisville, KY to bathe and groom your pets at your location in their state-of-the-art van.

Mobile Pet Grooming Louisville, KY – If you are in need of mobile pet grooming in Louisville, contact Ginger’s Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming, LLC offering exceptional mobile pet grooming services in and around Louisville, KY, bathing and grooming your pets at your location.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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