What To Consider When Choosing A Car Transport Company

Making the decision to ship a car or a light duty passenger truck or SUV rather than driving it across the country is a cost-effective choice. Finding the best car transport company to complete the job will be an import decision and one that should be made well in advance of your desired ship date.

There are different types of companies that will move passenger vehicles. These can include moving companies, general cargo or freight hauling companies as well as specialized auto carriers. These different types of companies will offer different prices, different shipping windows for pickup and delivery and, of course, different services. The car transport service will be a better choice over the other options for most car owners.

Price Quotes

A top car transport company in El Paso TX will be able to provide an accurate price quote for the service requested. This means that the individual will need to know the type of vehicle if it is to be transported on an open or enclosed carrier, as well as the pickup and drop off dates requested.

Avoid the temptation of choosing an auto transport company based on price quotes alone. Freight and general hauling companies, as well as movers, often charge lower rates, but they provide only basic services and do not use specialized trucks, trailers, and equipment.

Read the Fine Print

Each car transport company will have their own contract, which is designed to protect the company and not always to provide any protections or compensation to the car owner. Verify the language around cancellations, some contracts will not provide any refund of the deposit regardless of the time you cancel.

Other contracts will not stipulate a pickup or delivery time, which poses a problem for the car owner in many cases. Instead, look for a company that can guarantee a pickup time and provides a window for the drop-off. There are several factors that will impact delivery times so, just like movers, most auto carriers will not guarantee a specific delivery date.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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