Top Natural Ways of Treating Lupus

Before discussing the subject on how to cureLupus, we must understand what it is. It is a disease in which the immune system of the body mistakenly identifies the tissues and organs which are perfectly healthy as a threat to the body and attacks them. The result can cause massive damage to the body and also the affected body parts can get destroyed. From joints to the kidneys and even the heart can get affected because of this disease.

TypesofLupus: There are several types of Lupus-

  • SystemicLupusErythematosus: It affects different parts of the body and occurs normally between the age group of 15-45.
  • DicoidLupusErythematosus: The results of this type of Lupus are itchy skin, redness and rashes.
  • SubacuteCutaneousLupusErythematosus: Causes sores to the body parts which are exposed to the sun.
  • DrugInducedLupus: It occurs due to the addiction to narcotic substances.
  • NeonatalLupus: If the mother has SLE then this disease is noticed in newborn babies as well.

If with conventional lupus treatment, herbs and supplements are properly combined then the painful symptoms of this disease can greatly be decreased and also sometimes people can get permanent relief from this disease. There are many supplements and herbs which slow down the progressions of the disease. Most of the herbs to cureLupus do not cause any side effect but the benefits are felt or noticed after using them for several months.

HerbaltreatmentofLupus: Using natural herb extracts, Lupus can be controlled or cured.

  • The joint or muscle pain associated with Lupus can be eased with the help of willow bark. Also it acts as an anti-inflammatory which reduces the impact of stiffness, joint pain and also swelling.
  • Turmeric, Boswellia, Ginger are the names of some more anti-inflammatory which reduce the pain of joint inflammation. They prevent the production of prostaglandins and also inflammation regulating genes are stopped from activation.
  • For Lupus cure, Licorice Root is a very important herbal remedy. It is used to detoxify the body and it purifies blood and liver. The body is protected from several toxins like arsenic, and nicotine by Licorice Root. It also helps the body to conserve steroids which are naturally produced. All types of skin problems can also be cured using this herb. Actually this herb is the most effective one to solve the problem of Lupus.

Medical scientists after many hours of research have concluded that the cause of Lupus is mainly the diet and the pollutants. A variety of complications may arise if Lupus is not detected on time or it is ignored. This disease can prove to be life threatening and kidneys, heart, blood vessels, lungs and also the central nervous system can get badly damaged because of it. Lupus can be cured if the problem is taken care of properly. Herbal way of treating the problem has proved to be the best way. Consult with the doctor as soon as possible after you are diagnosed with Lupus.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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