Multiple Sclerosis – Its Symptoms and Different Ways of Treatment

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MS is the acronym of Multiple sclerosis. It occurs when the nerves of the spinal cord and brain degenerates. In this disease the patient suffers from neurological problems, speech disturbance, blurred vision, bladder and bowel problem, fatigue, weakness, paralysis, sexual problems and muscle spasms. Multiple sclerosis usually affects people in late 20s or the 30s and women are more prone to MS as compared to men. In this disease myelin disappears, myelin is an insulation or covering of nerves and increase the impulse conduction and is important for sustaining the health of the CNS (central Nervous System).

Causes of MS are still unidentified, researchers mainly focused on the genetics and immune system for an explanation. The immune system is highly regulated and organized but, in MS the immune system is altered by a foreign object or agent like a virus which alters the immune system and as a result immune system perceives myelin as an invader and affects its functionality. Tissues of the immune system that protects human body are called autoimmunity and the MS is thought to be the disease of autoimmunity.

MS can be diagnosed and cured through several ways because of advancement in science and technology. These days’ doctors can assess and diagnose MS easily because of the availability of “magnetic resonance imaging” technique. Though, advancement and research are still needed for decreasing or stopping the severity of the problem. There is also a need to stimulate the regrowth of damaged or inactive myelin to offer a proper MS cure for the patient.

Treatments For MS

Treatment of MS largely depends on the severity of the patient’s condition however, while treating patient the ideal oxygenation level is restored in affected parts. It is done easily by considering the dysfunctions hemato-encephalic barriers. By boosting the oxygen level the metabolic exchange and the cellular functions are reinstated within normal range thus, improves local immunity. In a form of MS that results in increased disability, neurological symptoms and impairments in strength, vision and coordination are treated with a steroid named as glucocorticoid. However, patients not suitable for steroidal therapy are cured with plasma exchange. It is the extreme therapy to remove myelin antibodies from the body blood.

Recently, a new treatment naming as “stem cell therapy” grasped the attention in the scientific world because of its effective results. In this treatment stems cells are injected into the patient’s body. These cells are immature and are derived from placenta. These cells have the capacity to develop into different types such as bones, skin, eye cells etc. As the stem cells are introduced they secrete a growth element which are active and healthy and replace the damaged cells in the patient. New cells increase until the diseased cells are replaced completely.

Stem cell therapy is far better than other painful MS cure surgeries, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Moreover patients are also encouraged for aerobic exercises and healthy diet to improve the quality of life.

MS Cure – Multiple sclerosis or MS is a serious disorder and countless people across the globe are suffering from this disease. Sometimes the symptoms are acute and are not identified easily and can leave an individual to dead or fully disabled. Visit Simply Healing Clinic’s website Website URL for more details about the natural cure for MS.

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