A Brief Walkthrough and Buyer’s Guide to Pawnshop Jewelry

Everyone goes gooey-eyed when they hear something is of vintage-type and they’d want to buy it immediately. There are those people who think vintage items are a great bargain when you get hold of them at a store. It’s definitely nice to get a good buy out of these goods because there are shops that offer them at a reasonable price. Sure, you have bought a very rare diamond ring, but then again, you’re not sure if it’s a stolen item. An unsuspecting paying customer’s worse nightmare is not just getting a fake item for a costly price but to purchase a stolen one without knowing that it was practically stolen. You should know that thieves and robbers consider pawnshops as their last resort for making money out of a stolen jewelry that they acquired. And these establishments are also where customers would go to save money from the jewelries that they’d like to buy. And unless your pawn shop, like those in New Jersey knows how to determine if a good is stolen or not, you’ll be in harm’s way when you buy them.

It’s fine for some items like furniture and house tools to be bought not from an establishment but from someone you know. That’s because you can check out their condition directly and you will know if they’re derelict or of no use anymore. But purchasing jewelry like those with encrusted precious stones on them can be more complicated than buying furniture. You must know that not all pawnshop owners or operators have a formal training to distinguish right away if an item is stolen or not. They could be businessmen, or just some people who may have had a capital and no prior experience to the trade and simply set up the business. You have seen those television shows that feature these shops that have their own trained appraiser in order to tag items with a fair price. But that’s in it for television shows; you never know if those shops that don’t get televised actually hire their own appraiser. The pricing of jewels and other valuables may go overboard and inappropriate especially when you don’t deal with a legitimate appraiser.

Whatever transaction that’s made by your choice of pawn shop especially in New Jersey, you should know that they should be careful enough so as not to entertain transaction with people who sell them stolen goods. Remember that these stores are the last resort of those people who need easy money in the direst of times. Now if your choice of establishment doesn’t have the capability to identify a stolen diamond ring to an honest one, chances are, when it’s found out that a stolen item has been sold in a pawnshop, it will be retrieved from the customer who bought it, and you may face charges. Think about those consequences, so seek only those shops that have excellent appraisers and have the reputation to trade honestly with their clients.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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