Top 5 Types of Used Handbags for Sale

Did you know that Chanel raised the price of its jumbo 2.55 handbag to $3,500 from $2,995 in 2010? With luxury items becoming more and more expensive, more and more purse-aholics are seeking retailers that offer used handbags for sale. Although these luxury items can be bought at affordable prices today, you would not want to go wrong with your prized possession. Therefore, out of the myriad purses in the market, make sure you place an order after considering the most popular types of designer purses.

Most Popular Styles for Used Handbags for Sale

Here is a list of the most desired styles that you can buy from a retailer that offers designer used handbags for sale:

  1. Clutch Bags

This is small sized purse, mostly with a long string, mainly designed for evening events. However, you may also sport it while you go for a casual jaunt as a crossover bag. Since it is small in size, it is meant for women who carry the bare essentials, like money, a phone, ID and a few make up essentials. Designers tend to design these with an ornamental touch, sometimes in fine leather, along with a flashy logo or with sequences or embellishments.

  1. Tote

This is preferred by people who like to keep all their essentials with them while on the move. It is a sophisticated style of purse and is usually square-shaped. It is meant to be large with basic detailing or designing. Designer totes are also carried to work by fashion forward women. Retailers receive a wide variety of these used handbags for sale of almost every designer brand.

  1. Hobo Bags

These are among the most popular styles and are easily accessible at stores that offer used handbags for sale. Celebrities are often spotted carrying colorful yet chic hobos. Although these bags lack structure, they are favored for their large storage capacity. Celebrities often carry these to beaches to carry their essentials or to the grocery store. Working women may buy hobos in basic or pastel colors to carry to work, while young girls can sport these almost anywhere they like.

  1. Luggage

Many people travel frequently on work and designer luggage items are a great status symbol. These items come in all shapes and sizes and you can choose those that match your needs the best. These are also available as used handbags for sales at very affordable rates. Make sure you check their condition, however, before making a purchase.

However, to ensure that you get authentic designer bags in good condition, choose the retailer carefully. Seek credible sources for references or research online to find a trusted store.

If you are looking for authentic designer bags at affordable prices, visit You can buy classics from the celebrity used handbags for sale segment. This online retailer often receive inventory that has never been used, directly from the designers. This store is an accredited retailers that offers a lifetime return policy in case the bag is found to be fake.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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