Superior Aluminum Products and Parts With Dedicated Aluminum Suppliers

Aluminum plate at specified dimensions and thicknesses and types, including cast, mold, or wrought aluminum plate, is important to getting quality products. Aluminum supply and manufacturing specialists draw on extensive reserve stock and decades of experience to provide the appropriate forming and machining material.

Aluminum Stock Types

An aluminum supply company can provide parts made with wrought aluminum that tend to exhibit more strength than cast parts. Wrought aluminum also tends to have fewer internal defects in comparison and is less susceptible to thermal stress.

Mold plate of cast aluminum, however, is often cheaper and does tend to have more strength at high temperatures than similar wrought aluminum parts. Mold plate also allows inserts and typically produces parts at a less expensive rate than similar parts made according to CAD/CAM.

Aluminum jig and cast tool plate, including Mic 6 and Alca 5 adhere well to tight flatness and thickness tolerances as a result of precision grinding on both sides. This plate stock also allows for superior finishes, better than 25 RS, and typically receives an in-mill PVC coating.

A Range of Plate and Bar Stock Supplies

A 100-percent aluminum supply company with over nine decades of industry experience can provide a wide selection of certified materials and products. These can include aluminum jig plate, cast aluminum plate drops and tooling plate, mold plate, 7050, 7075, 2024 and 6061.

Aluminum distributors also supply an extensive array of aluminum bar stock, including round stock, square stock, flat stock and rectangular stock, and they have the ability to produce complex extruded aluminum shapes and bar to meet a range of end-user needs.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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