Organizing a Metal Recycling Drive

One of the ways your Ann Arbor school or non-profit organization can earn money is by organizing a metal recycling drive in your neighborhood or city. Not only is a metal recycling drive an opportunity to fund your school or organization, but it also educates both those who are involved in the drive, as well as the public, with regard to all the enormous benefits that are associated with recycling scrap metal materials. Working in conjunction with an Ann Arbor metal recycling company, a drive is an excellent opportunity not only to provide cash for extra equipment or events, but also to contribute positively to the community and help to protect the environment.

Scrap metal recycling is increasingly popular not only because it conserves energy and lessens the environmental impact caused by mining ore and refining raw materials for metal production, but it is also profitable. Metal recycling in Ann Arbor tends to pay so well that criminals consider stealing copper wiring from outside air conditioning units or manhole covers from municipal streets to be worth the risk. While your Ann Arbor metal recycling drive should discourage criminal activity, it should be encouraging to know that collecting scrap for metal recycling can raise a significant amount of cash.

Placing recycling bins at various strategic places in Ann Arbor, as well as providing a drop-off spot or organizing pick-ups for items from households and businesses, can make metal recycling more convenient for those contributing to the drive. Many Ann Arbor residents and business owners feel they do not have enough time even to make a call for pick-up and do not want to go through the hassle of organizing their metals or even crushing their cans. Your organization can provide the energy and impetus to help people free up and organize space in their yards, sheds, garages, attics, or basements.

The process of the drive itself is also an opportunity for your Ann Arbor school or organization to educate the public about the many benefits of scrap metal recycling. In short, it diminishes the environmental impact of gases that may contribute to climate change; it conserves a tremendous amount of energy that is used in mining and refining raw materials to produce metals; it provides a consistently reusable resource for materials that can be used to manufacture a wide array of products; it helps landfill management from being overwhelmed with materials that can take hundreds of years to decompose; and it provides more jobs for people, an increase of nearly 35 times more employment than offered by traditional mining and refinement.

Metal Recycling Ann Arbor – Raise funds, educate the community, and protect the environment with a metal recycling drive in Ann Arbor. Renu Recycling can answer your questions to get the ball rolling, and fulfill all your metal recycling needs.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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