Make Your Patio More Private

Do you feel like a goldfish in a bowl every time you lounge in your patio? Do you believe that your home is you private space and you don’t want neighbors looking over your shoulder or noises from their homes invading the privacy of your own home? There are many ways in which you can screen your patio and create a private retreat for yourself and your family.

* Trees absorb sound remarkably well. Plant trees at the side of your patio if there is soil that makes it viable. If there is too much gravel or pebbles or if the soil is not very easy to grow plants in, you can bring in more workable soil and create raised shelves of soil. This will also give your plants added height and do an excellent job of blocking out the world. There are beautiful extra tall perennial flowering plants such as the oriental lily that you can consider planting around your patio

* There are many airy screens that you can place around your open patio or deck to create enclosed spaces. If you are good with woodwork, then you can create a simple one yourself. Many people like to put up tall fences that keep their yard private. You can also place thick hedges to do the same thing while keeping your yard beautiful.

* If the thought of a fence or a hedge seems too closed in for you, consider getting a lattice fence. You can find readymade lattice panels to purchase. It may turn out to be less expensive than building a wooden fence. Further, you can create a beautiful fence out of the lattice by growing climbers and vines through the lattices.

* When you choose a hedge to frame your patio, make sure that it is of an evergreen variety. You don’t want your hedge drying up in the middle of the year and turning your yard dull. Evergreen types will lose their leaves in winter, but grow a brilliant show of flowers or beautiful fall colors in season. Also, pick a variety that is suited for the climate of where you live.

* There are many alternative materials that can be used to make your patio fence unusual and interesting. You can decorate your fence with unusual detailing. You can put a plexiglass fence in place that will block out visibility but let the light in.

There are no rules to what you can do to increase the privacy of your patio. Woodbridge builders can advise you on materials and designs that you can use to create your own private haven in your yard. Many of them will custom create your patio to suit your requirements. Remember that whatever you install should be of excellent quality and low maintenance at the same time, so that your patio becomes a place of refuge, not a liability.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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