Japanese Online Dating: Tips for Seducing Japanese Girls

Ah those incredible, cute and hot Japanese Girls!! How they make your heart skip a beat. Japanese girls are sweet, devoted, goofy, kinky and just plain fun, which is why it is not surprising that men from all over the world are attracted to these petite beauties. They are truly works of art. And, the best way to score a date with Japanese women is through Japanese online dating sites. Remember, most Japanese women are polite and nature, which is an integral cultural attribute, so you don’t have much to worry about.

Japanese Online Dating: Some do’s and don’ts of Dating Japanese Women

Firstly, don’t ‘come on’ too strong on a Japanese woman as they are not conditioned to accept such “in your face” behavior. The best way is to show that you are interested by dropping subtle hints, leaving the ball in your dream date’s court. Remember to always be gentle and considerate on your dates. You could think of it as a tea ceremony. Some other do’s and don’ts to enhance your Japanese online dating experience are:

  • Do praise her appearance. This is where you can score above Japanese men, who are very shy about verbalizing their thoughts and opinions. Praising your date on her beauty will definitely be an unexpected and refreshing change for her.
  • Japanese women love high class things, from brand fashion to gourmet food. So if you want to impress your lady, do your homework. Find out about the most happening places in town and plan your first Japanese online dating tryst in one of these places.
  • Don’t turn up as a ‘rugged’ slob. You may be clueless about fashion and think it’s not for men, but if you want to date a Japanese woman- groom yourself. Remember, you can see Japanese men adjusting their hair even in public trains, that’s how appearance-conscious they are. To get some help, flip through men’s fashion magazines, and identify what’ll work for you.

A final pointer to make the most of your Japanese online dating experience is to take things slow. Don’t rush into holding hands, kissing, hugging or any other form of physical closeness. While Japanese women will seldom be direct about their feelings, be on the lookout for indirect signals. This could be something as simple as arranging the Japanese online dating lunch or dinner near your or her place, wearing a suggestive dress or even late night phone-calls.

The best way to score a date with Japanese women is through Japanese online dating sites.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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