How Your General Dentist Can Help Treat And Prevent Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a bacteria disease that affects the fibers and bones that support your teeth. If you see a general dentist in Warwick, RI you are decreasing your chances of having periodontal disease. However, people who have this disease may not even realize they have it, which is why it is recommended to regularly have your teeth cleaned and checked. Here are a few warning signs and other information you may find useful to help you avoid periodontal disease.

Oral hygiene should be a priority to everyone but sometime we do not realize we need to seek the help of a professional to help figure out the cause of an oral problem. The following are a few warning signs you should watch out for. One sign you have periodontal disease is if your gums bleed easily. For instance, if you brush your teeth and more often than not it causes your teeth to bleed or your gums are swollen and red, you could have early symptoms of this illness. A second sign of this illness is the loss of a tooth or noticing your teeth becoming loose. Third, if you notice you have bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth this could be a sign of growing bacteria as a result of the disease. If you have noticed any of these symptoms you should consult with your general dentist in Warwick, RI as soon as you are able to.

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease there are a few different treatments your general dentist in Warwick, RI may suggest. One of those suggestions is having a series of cleanings, usually three to four weeks apart. These cleanings are to get rid of the growing bacteria between the teeth and below the gum line. If your case is more severe your dentist may suggest a surgical procedure to open up the gums and clean out all of the bacteria beneath the gums and around the supporting bone structure. There are many different types of treatment your general dentist in Warwick, RI may have available to you. However, it is still up to you to maintain your oral hygiene to help keep the bacteria from going back.

Dentist Warwick, RI If you think you may have periodontal disease, dentists at Warwick Family Dentist Group in Warwick, RI offers various in-house periodontic treatments to prevent oral such as periodontal and gum disease.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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