Great Rainy Day Activities

Taking care of kids can be a lot of work and when those kids are bored, your job becomes a lot harder. Days that are filled with rain, snow, and cold, miserable weather makes everyone unhappy, especially kids. They’re used to having lots to do, but when the weather doesn’t let them go out to play, they get restless and unhappy. It can be challenging to keep your kids entertained, so why not try out a few new arts and crafts projects? Have you ever used Rhinestone Transfers as a rainy day activity? Embellishing t-shirts, jeans, backpacks, and tote bags with iron on transfers is a fun way to pass the time and make something that’s entirely customized and unique.

Kids love adding their names to items. Making something entirely their own is a lot of fun and they’re always ready to customize the things they love. With a little help from you or another responsible adult, they can create amazing projects that perfectly reflect their own individual styles. Rhinestone Transfers are the perfect way to encourage creativity and self-expression without a lot of hassle or mess. Your kids have all the design power in their hands. They get to choose where the design is placed, how many embellishments to add, and what they would like the lettering to say. Each of your kids will have a lot of fun spending time arranging and rearranging the transfer designs until they get it just right.

Once they’ve gotten the designs laid out exactly how they want them, then it’s your turn to help. Most Rhinestone Transfers have to be pressed on with an iron placed on a low temperature setting. The heat and weight of the iron causes the design to move from the transfer sheet onto the cloth; the heat then sets the design permanently onto the fabric where it will stay. Once the transfer process is complete, the article of clothing can be worn and laundered as usual. The iron on transfer will stay bright and colorful for years to come.

Each brand of Rhinestone Transfers has its own usage instructions, so be sure to refer to these before beginning to apply the image to any fabric. Some fabrics take a transfer better than others, so make sure the article of clothing you want to add the transfer to is made from material recommended by the product. Some sheets of transfer designs will include a small circle or square so you can test the sheet on an unseen portion of the item you’ll be using. With just a little preparation, you’ll have fantastic results.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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