Buying Custom Construction in Tacoma

Custom construction in Tacoma will at times entail the builder producing model homes which he uses to show potential buyers the quality of the homes he builds. Eventually the model home will be put up for sale and they can be a very good deal. Model homes are a little like demo cars, when they are finally put up for sale they will be discounted, but whereas the demo car has miles on it, the model home has never had an occupant so the discounts are for different reasons.

Often homes of custom construction in Tacoma are actually customized rather than custom built. Builders may build a number of model homes to show off their range of designs and when they build them they spare no expense when decorating them. The homes are built to show off the layout and room size etc. but the finishes used are of the very best quality. The upgrades that are used in the model home are added to the basic price when orders are received for homes not yet constructed. When you are looking at purchasing one of the builders model homes choose the one that suits you best and has the best upgrades.

Find out if the model custom construction in Tacoma home has ever been occupied. Many models are used as sales offices and there may very well be wear and tear that will allow you to argue that the house is used and therefore worth less. Rarely would the use extend to the kitchen appliances but the heating and air conditioning will have been running and the bathrooms will have been used.

Custom construction in Tacoma provides you with a home that costs a great deal of money and will more than likely indebt you with a mortgage of perhaps 20 years. Even though the home is exactly to your liking and you’re keen to do the deal, take time out to consult a lawyer who is involved in the buying and selling of real estate. Let the lawyer go through the contract and explain any and all clauses. Contracts use language which may not be truly understandable to the layman and standard contracts offered by the builder will certainly be written to protect him.

As you were not present during the custom construction in Tacoma it will be in your best interest to hire a qualified building inspector. The inspector works on your behalf and he will look for and point out any defects he finds. It is well documented that mistakes can be and are made during home construction, perhaps as major as an undersized HVAC unit or plumbing which is reversed between hot and cold lines.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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