When It Comes To Professionally Portraying Your Corporate Image – Trust Only A Professional Print Shop!

Business or corporate printing needs are far different and complex than what would normally be handled by the corner store or the nearby university print shop in Long Island. When your clients and potential customers see your flyers, brochures, greeting cards or letterheads, they look upon those documents as a symbol for what you can do to help them, and not just as a term paper to be graded.

When you are looking for a professional print shop in Long Island to assist you with important corporate printing and copying needs, you need to firstly look for history. A print shop in Long Island that’s been around for 3 decades or more, is likely more reliable as a business partner than one that’s only been in business for a few months or years. With history like that, it should be easy to check for references and talk to a list of clients in your specific industry that also use the same print shop.

Consider the stability and term of the management team guiding the print shop in Long Island too. With stability in top-level management often comes long-serving employees, with plenty of industry experience. A firm that’s being lead by the same management team for over 10 years or more will definitely prove a more stable business partner in the long term.

Of course, diversity of products and services counts too. So look for a print shop in Long Island that provides a broad spectrum of business communication services – not just photo copying and printing. A single company that can meet all your needs for multiple services, such as various types of binding, copying, cutting, graphic designing, embossing, foil stamping and lamination, will mean you just need to deal with a single print shop in Long Island, rather than several.

And it would be great to work with a print shop in Long Island that can also help with special projects too. When you have tight deadlines for getting out information and company materials to hundreds of mailing list names, your print shop partners should have the experience and capability to support your mass mailing campaign.

All you should have to do is provide the print shop in Long Island the materials you want sent out. Ideally, that should be possible online, via a company B2B website. And from there on, your partner should run with the product – from printing the materials, to folding and stuffing them into envelopes, to labeling and addressing, to mailing.

Good business partners often look out for each other. A good print shop service should keep your interest in mind when handling your direct mailing project. For example applying barcodes to your mail packages and sorting them so you get the maximum postal discounts available.

Are you looking for a print shop Long Island area that provides a broad spectrum of business communication services? You can get in touch with Minuteman Press today.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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