Business Card Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Well-Planned Introductions

If you want to start a successful long-term business relationship, then you better pay attention to first impressions. It’s definitely auspicious if you start the exchange of business cards at a professionally high note. Business cards in Mineola should be well-made and designed to seal the deal with new customers and keep communication updated with valuable patrons. With such high stakes in mind, you definitely don’t want to commit some of the critical business card mistakes mentioned here:

  1. Forgetting the Most Important Data

Always take time to check your business cards many times before having them printed. You don’t want to ruin your introductions and follow-ups with forgotten information. Take contact details, for example. Check whether postal codes and area codes are included. Make sure phone numbers and addresses are updated. If you cater to international customers and businesses, always include the country code. Make sure all letters, numbers, dashes and dots are where it should be.

  1. Cluttered Layout

Business cards in Mineola are often thought to give a glimpse of the company. So pay attention to how much information is placed on the card, and how they are designed. Having an overcrowded or cluttered layout is sure to give an undesirable impression that may harm your future business relationships. Do not try to include very large graphics and too much text up to the card’s edges. Always include margins and some white space to have a balanced look. Business cards aren’t designed to be brochures, so keep it simple and smart.

  1. Non-essential Information

There are different kinds of information that shouldn’t generally be included in your business cards especially in the reverse side. To keep your business card professional and smart, stay away from private information like your hobbies and private contact details. Also, information like company slogans, mission, vision and values are best designated to your marketing managers.

  1. Inappropriate Type Faces and Sizes

One common mistake is selecting difficult- to-read fonts. There is a certain appeal to an aesthetic card that delivers a good message. Select fonts that are balanced with characters that are not too cramped or spaced out. Choose font sizes that are readable, so that you make sure older people can read your business cards with ease. However, don’t design with too large of a font size, especially on some details like the contact information. It can be distasteful and it sometimes projects you as an unprofessional or sleazy business person.

  1. Not Clearly Indication Your Services or Products

Lastly, you will never know when your contacts may need your services, so always clearly indicate what products or services you offer. Being unremarkable is one mistake you can’t afford to make. So, employ a good strategy to incorporate your line of work without being too pushy or bragging. Again, your business card serves to introduce you, so introduce yourself very well. But, don’t go overboard by making it look like a full-fledged sales brochure.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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