What are the Benefits of Security Alarm Devices?

The term security alarm is synonymous with home protection. They offer functions ranging from acting as deterrents to startling intruders with the sound and forcing them to flee, and stealthily informing the police about break-ins. The effectiveness of these systems is evident from statistics indicating that homes installed with security systems are three times less likely to be burgled than unarmed homes. Simon Hakim, a Temple University economics professor, in his years of long research on home security has found that the average losses to burglary in unarmed homes were $400 more than those in armed homes.

Installing Security Alarm Devices: Benefits

Besides protection from intrusion, security alarm also alerts you about smoke, fire, carbon monoxide presence and floods, among others. The systems is usually equipped with remote controls, yard signs and visible components, master control panel, back up power supply, extra key pads and installing, monitoring and repairing services. While the visible components and yard signs warn intruders about the system, thus making them stay away from the armed property, the alarm system itself alerts the family, police and neighbors in case of a break-in. Other benefits of the system are:

  • Enhanced safety: Since the home and its belongings are safe, the owners feel secure and enjoy greater peace of mind, whether at work or inside the premises. It also increases the value of the property, given the ability of the system to ward off thieves and protect the occupants.
  • Cost saving: Homes with security systems are safer. Therefore, insurers charge lesser premiums on such homes. This is because the risk factor in the armed homes is lesser, thus ensuring lesser costs for the home owner.
  • Modern video surveillance: The best surveillance systems allow home owners to monitor their premises anytime, anywhere, using an Internet connection. It also records events to be used as evidence in a criminal court, in case something goes wrong. They are also becoming increasingly affordable, given the decreasing costs of audio visual technology in these times.
  • Silent and sounding alarms: Home owner can use sounding or silent alarms, as per their requirements. While silent alarms stealthily inform law enforcement agencies about a break-in (while you are away); sounding alarm alerts the family about the lurking danger. While the former facilitates the capture of the intruder, the latter results in the intruder to flee by the sound or the system informing the concerned authorities.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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