Secure your Family using ADT Home Alarm

Just imagine a situation when your family is inside your home and burglars break in! Sure, even thinking about the situation is scary. So, would you like to risk your family’s safety by neglecting your home security needs? Well, even though calling the police may help reclaim your belongings, it cannot repose the lost sense of safety and security! So, if you too believes in the “Identity Crisis,” M*A*S*H saying “I don’t care how poor a man is; if he has family, he’s rich,” you will agree that the safety and security of our family is the utmost. Given our current lifestyle and scenario, installing an ADT home alarm and security system is the best way to protect our families.

ADT Home Alarm Equipment: Types 

A comprehensive ADT home alarm system can save your home from burglars, fire, flood and other disasters. Home security systems are available in a wide variety of choices, which can be decided according to your requirements. Some key factors to consider while choosing a security system are your budget, your home location, size and neighborhood.

Basically, home security systems can be divided into two categories:

Unmonitored: The unmonitored home security system is one where the house is not monitored by a security company. When someone intrudes into house, the unmonitored security system will trigger a loud siren both inside and outside the home. This alerts the people inside the home of an intrusion thus prompting them to call the police. Mostly, the noise of the alarm also forces the intruder to run away. However, if the home is unoccupied, the neighbors are expected to call up the police.

Monitored: Monitored security systems are a popular choice, since they eliminate the dependency on neighbors to call up the police in case of an intrusion. Homes with monitored systems are monitored by a security company; and whenever a burglar trips the system, the central call center will receive an alert. After confirming that the alert was not accidental, the call center will inform the law enforcement authorities. The monitored security system sends alerts to the call center in case of gas leak, fire or flood.

Home security systems can be connected with sensors, smoke/fire detector, motion detector, camera, video display and keypad in a wired or wireless setup. Whatever your choice of setup, you can get ADT home alarm equipment free of cost from Website Domain As an authorized dealer of ADT, Website Domain lets you enjoy nine points protection with no activation fee.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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