Various Door Categories Available in Stafford

Doors being integral part of a building have gone through lots of developments, which is because of new technology in this industry. There are many manufacturers making different types of doors in Stafford, which are used in both residential and commercial buildings. Various types are not only available directly at company’s showroom; instead they are distributed to all famous hardware dealers working locally.

Most of the doors are developed in wood, which are installed in various buildings like schools, hospitals, plazas, residences, religious buildings, offices etc. Different veneers, which are used to make doors include

  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Exotic
  • Anigre
  • Pear wood
  • Birdseve maple
  • deodar

It can be single, or double door developed with these veneers, besides their frames can be made in wood, steel or aluminum. Where there is a problem of termite, steel and aluminum frames are preferred, whereas in other areas wood framed doors are common. Doors which are solid are also built using deodar, which is very common in eastern countries.

Some standard size doors are available for kitchens, bedrooms, and bath rooms etc, which are called readymade doors, as you only have to make a frame, and the door is fixed in it, but locks and handles need to be installed accordingly. In Stanford, if you are constructing a house or a commercial building, you can find doors, or can get it made as per design.

Some people in this field are also making special doors being applied for a specific purpose, as they can be fire resistant or insulated doors preventing the sound to reach another room. Sound insulated doors are required for music recording studios, or some sensitive buildings, whereas some rich people also install them in their offices, and houses due to privacy. Fire resistant doors are required in factories, where chances of fire are more. Some of the insulated doors are developed to protect the room from heat, and they are developed for hot climates. Heat insulated doors are installed in a room which is exposed to the sun.

Some other type of special doors are built in wood as, lead doors, STC, FSC, laminated doors with plastic, carved doors having sketch over them, and doors with rails. These doors are customized, and have to follow certain standards. Similarly, many security offices need safety doors, like blast and bullet proof doors, besides they can also be installed in the residences of famous personalities, who need security, whereas it also depends on the choice of the resident.

In areas where hurricanes are common, specific doors known as tornado or FEMA are used in most of the buildings including residences. Some other doors include fiberglass, impact, and pressure doors, of which the later are built using a wood, which is processed after applying specific pressure, and they are installed in high wind areas. Similarly, insulated doors for cold climates are also built; besides they can also withstand snow. So depending on your choice, you can get any door in Stanford, as there are some experienced people working in this field.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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