Top 6 Features of House Alarm Systems

Statistics suggest that over two million residences were burgled in 2006 alone; this is expected to increase, as experts suggest that burglaries increase one to two percent every year. So, to protect yourself and your family from intruders, the best way is to install house alarm systems. If your security system also includes round-the-clock monitoring, the monitoring station is alerted in case of a situation. The station, in turn, confirms the incident and alerts the local police station which takes the necessary, prompt action.

House Alarm Systems: Top Six Must-Have Features

Here are the most recommended features:

  • Installing warning signals: Yard signs or door and window decals are used to alert burglars about the presence of a home security system, thus deterring them from breaking in. However, these alone are not enough in providing complete protection for your home.
  • Talking devices: Those with integrated talking control panels and remotes make it convenient for you to determine the status of your home alarms and monitoring system. Programming your system also becomes fast and simple.
  • Smoke detection: These suggest fire and provide you enough time to escape to safety. When integrated with house alarm systems, these alert the monitoring company as well as the nearest fire station. Integrating it with the power supply also means that you do not have to check the battery supply.
  • Master control panel: The heart of home security devices, it is a wall-mounted unit that receives and processes information from sensors and keypads; the relevant information is then sent to the monitoring station. Arming and disarming of the system is also done through the control panel.
  • Power back-up: To ensure that your house alarm systems work at all times, even during power failure, install a reliable power back-up source. Rechargeable batteries are the best way of ensuring continued power supply, while also keeping your maintenance cost low.
  • Services (installation, monitoring and repair): These services help enhance the safety of your home in a convenient manner. A home that is constantly monitored also gets the benefits of notifications to the concerned departments (fire station, police station and hospitals) in case of a situation.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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