Things to Consider When Installing a Home Alarms System

In a recent incident, a masked intruder who broke into a Forestville, Maryland apartment to commit robbery was shot to death by its resident Darryl Sedgwick. Sedgwick is now worried about his family’s safety and resolves to avert such incidents by keeping the home alarms system on. You can also ensure the safety of your home and family by installing and properly using home security alarms. However, you must consider a few things before installing a security system in your home.

Home Alarms: Things to Consider before Buying

For installing home alarms at your property, you have two choices: hire a professional company or do it yourself. If you choose the former, opt for a reputable security company; however, if you choose the latter, you can drop in at a home improvement store and buy yourself a do-it-yourself home security system installation kit. Irrespective of the installation you prefer, you must decide the type of security system that suits your home.

To start with, consider the size of your home, as it impacts the type of home security system you will require. Some popular features of a security system include door and window sensors, sirens and timers for lights (interior and exterior). Other additions include strobe lights, security cameras, motion detectors and a control panel that will alert the concerned authority in case of a mishap.

Second, analyze your home from the perspective of a burglar and determine the locations through which barging in is convenient. Windows and doors are the points most vulnerable to burglary attacks; so, ensure that security systems are properly installed at these locations. If you are getting the system installed from a professional company, they will inspect your house to assess these factors and make appropriate installations.

Finally, draw your budget. The cost of a home alarm may range from $100 to $1,000. The inexpensive alarms (may include a surveillance camera) typically monitor a doorway whereas expensive alarms come with a number of devices located at different points. The latter home alarms fall under the category of monitored security systems that send a signal to the monitoring agency when the alarm is triggered. Such systems are best installed with professional help.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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