Some Common Baby Safety Products

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Business

Your child’s safety is of course, of primary concern to you. You would do anything to keep your baby secure, but you can’t always keep an eye on him. And there are hidden dangers in your house that you hardly think of twice, but can be extremely risky for small, inquisitive children. So even before your child has left his crib, you need to start ‘baby-proofing’ your home. While every home is unique and so there are no rigid requirements, here is a list of the most common baby safety products in the market today:-

  1. Electrical Outlet Covers – These are simple plugs that fit over your electrical sockets and protect your children from accidental electrocution. There are pull tabs so you can access them, but children cannot reach in.
  2. Window Blind Cord Wind Ups – The wires that control window blinds present an attractive, hanging plaything for your children. And yet, these are extremely dangerous, especially if your child manages to get tied up in them, as these tough cords can easily strangle children. The wind – ups let you wind up the cord inside a plastic case to prevent such accidents.
  3. Cabinet and Drawer Locks – These locks are easy enough to open by adults, but children will find them difficult to work. These baby safety products are ideal for cabinets and drawers where you store dangerous chemicals and medicines that you don’t want your child to find.
  4. Toilet Locks – Children don’t easily give up when they drop a favorite toy down the toilet. And toilets are just tall enough for them to try and reach in; something that can be incredibly dangerous. Toilet locks prevent your children from opening the toilet seat by themselves.
  5. Corner Cushions – Table edges can be especially dangerous for children, and can cause cuts and bruises. These baby safety products slip over such edges; some even cover the entire edge of circular tables so that your child does not accidentally hurt himself.
  6. Safety Gates – Safety gates can be used in various locations of your home that you don’t want your child to access, like fireplaces, or areas with rough flooring. These gates are simple and easy to open for adults, and don’t curtail the movements of children, but keep them out of harm’s reach.
  7. Finger Guards – Your child’s small sensitive fingers can get caught between hinges, causing painful bruises and worse. These finger guards block such openings and protect your child.

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