Relax With Family And Friends In Your Home Sauna

A home sauna can help your family stay healthy and relaxed. It is a convenient and inexpensive way to enjoy a resort lifestyle right in your own home. You will enjoy health benefits including increased cardiovascular conditioning, improved lung function, reduce stress, relief from headaches, alleviation of stiffness in the muscles, reduces joint pain and significant relief from mental stress.


One of the first things you need to determine when planning home sauna is where you are going to build it. Common locations include down in the basement or on the back patio. Of course, the classic sauna scenario is outside. This allows sauna users to jump in a poor or roll in the snow if they so desire.

An indoor home sauna is available every month of the year. Many times they are located near a bathroom or laundry room so access to water for rinsing and cleaning the sauna is more convenient. It can be more difficult to modify a basement to accommodate the electrical and plumbing needed. It solely depends on the individual configuration of each home.

Wide Variety of Models

There are a significant number of home sauna models to choose from. There are portable saunas, sectional saunas, prebuilt units, custom saunas and everything in between. However, basically there are two main types: infrared and traditional. Infrared saunas create heat using infrared waves. The air inside the sauna itself is not heated. The interior remains cool in comparison with the heat inside a traditional sauna. Infrared saunas can get deep into muscles and really relax them. Still, some people will miss the “wet heat” of a traditional sauna.

Traditional home sauna use electric, gas or wood burning stoves to heat everything inside the room. As a result it takes a few minutes up to an hour or more to heat the entire unit. Many sauna fans like to add steam to the internal heat by pouring water over hot rocks. Some say it is not a sauna without this long-standing tradition.

Daily Relaxation

Cultures around the world have used to saunas as part of their daily life for centuries. Now homeowners can enjoy the health benefits of a sauna in their daily life. Whether you choose a traditional home sauna or an infrared model, with proper planning and attention to safety you can feel more relaxed and ready to take on the world every day.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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