Package Hot Drinks the Right Way with These Essentials

Whether you own a gas station, a cafe, or a restaurant, if you sell coffee or tea you want to offer the best possible experience for your customer. Usually, people who drink coffee in the morning are tired and clumsier, so you want to make sure your product is high quality and convenient. Here are some of the items that will make selling hot drinks to your customers more memorable, even if only in small ways.

Hot cup sleeves

If your business involves handing your customers their tea or coffee, you’ll need some hot sleeves to go into your cups. Hot sleeves are the perfect place to put your brand’s logo without having to put it on the cups you have. Restaurant packaging manufacturers like LBP have figured out a way for your hot cup sleeves to stay in place with a heat activated adhesive, so your customers have a more enjoyable experience.

Larger beverage dispensers

For your customers who want to bring a bunch of coffee to an early office meeting, but can’t carry 8 cups of coffee safely or fit them in their car, make sure you offer a larger carrier option. A beverage dispenser that holds about 8 cups of coffee is easier to carry than 2 drink holders that may tilt when your customer leaves the store. By having this other option for your consumers, you’ll leave a lasting impression and your satisfied customers will keep coming back.

Single serve cups

Single serve cups can be sold in larger quantities so your customers can enjoy your coffee anytime they want. LBP has found a way to make the single serve coffee filters simple and eco-friendlier. Their innovative design allows you to get more flavors and actual coffee out of your cup. It also comes with customizable packaging, so you can really sell your brand’s quality.

With these products, your customer has options and you’re prepared for any situation. You want to make sure purchasing your product easy and your packaging isn’t falling apart, so your customers don’t injure themselves with their hot drinks. If you’re looking for bulk beverage packaging supplies, LBP Manufacturing LLC offers innovative solutions for food and beverage packaging, so you can succeed in your business. 

Author: Victoria Garcia

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