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Many windows St Paul companies can help a person decide what sort of windows may suit a home really well. When building a new home or even moving into an older home, deciding on a window style can do a lot to add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the home, in addition to providing sunlight and airflow. There are several styles of windows that a person may choose from. Here are just a few.

Awning windows open only slightly and often outward to create a slope with the window pane. These windows are great for providing some air flow as well as sunlight. They can be positioned in columns with one over another, or even beside other windows. In fact, a common place to find awning windows is over large doors or in bedrooms, since they are perfect for opening but still keeping privacy. This allows a lot of light and air to come into the home. The only real drawback to these windows is that the screen is usually on the inside.

Double hung windows may be a very common style choice. These windows consist of two panes of glass. One end of the window can slide open, usually sliding to where the other half of the window is. This is fantastic for creating air flow and bringing in light. These windows are also perfect for any room in the home. They are also great for ventilation. Something to remember with these windows, however, is that they often leak air more than other window styles, and only one half of the window opens up.

The bay windows many windows St Paul companies install are known for bringing light into the house from different angles, as well as supplying a good way to view outside from inside the home. The side windows of the bay window can usually open to let air into the home. These windows offer a lot of style to any home. With this style, it can be helpful to remember that only the sides open up and typically do not have any screens to keep bugs out.

Hopper windows are often the style of choice for basements. The window pane tilts into the home when opened with the opening on top. Due to this design, these windows aren’t typically found with curtains or shades on them.

These are just a few window styles to choose from. For more information on window styles available to you, you can consult with some windows St Paul companies. They can give you even more advantages and disadvantages to different window types. Hopefully this leads you to the best windows for your home.

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