Lupus Cure – Symptoms and Diet

Before going after lupus cure, one has to find the symptoms, and reasons behind it, so there are some signs through which you can recognize the disease. Moreover, if some of these symptoms are found it could be lupus.

Recognizing lupus:

  • If rashes appear on face.
  • Red rashes in the form of hyper pigmentation.
  • Due to sun exposure if a rash occurs.
  • Mouth ulcer.
  • A swollen joint like it happens in arthritis.
  • Inflammation around lungs or heart.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Low blood cells either white or red may also create lupus.

Though, you should get the treatment from a doctor, which includes steroids and some drugs, but following some specific diet, you can heal it or improve the condition.

Diets that should be avoided:

  • Any kind of soda or alcohol should be avoided.
  • Can foods, frozen foods, and processes foods.
  • Red meat.
  • Fried, baked, and foods with fatty acids, and all types of junk foods.
  • Sugar, white flour, salt, and dairy products having white color.
  • Foods with lots of spices.
  • Artificial sugar or sweeteners, which according to a research may become a reason behind the disease.

Lupus cure can be obtained through some recommended diets as:

  • Vegetables in a raw form and fruits.
  • Fish and chicken.
  • Soups, smoothies, salads etc.
  • Enough water should be taken, so that it could release toxics, making the digestive system better.
  • Some supportive supplements.
  • Only essential fatty acids should be taken, rest should be avoided.
  • Foods which are rich in certain elements should be taken like, alkaline, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant food. Moreover, properly wash the food before eating.

In any disease doctors guide us to some extent, but the fact is, we have to fight with it in our own ways, and should keep on searching every source that can help us. Same is true about these diets, which if followed, you can heal the condition. You should keep an eye on foods that can hurt you or cause allergies. People with lupus have reported many benefits after taking the required diets, and avoiding those, which can harm your body. The advantages of such diets are described here.

  • There would be less strain, less pain in muscles, and no tissue damage.
  • Less pain in any body organ, less swelling and inflammation.
  • You will have high energy instead of fatigue.
  • You will be able to move without any pain or swelling.
  • There would be less fats in the body.
  • You would face less constipation, besides bloating will also reduce.
  • Your memory will improve. the

In fact we should always take natural and healthy diet, whether we are already healthy, or have some disease, as good diet would always help you in terms of vitamins, nutrients, energy and better health. So, before anything serious happens to anybody, an organic food or proper diet should be followed, and same is true about lupus cure, being obtained after taking healthy diet.

Lupus Cure – Lupus is not a very common disease; hence it should be treated through natural ways. Simply Healing Clinic is providing such treatment also for other issues.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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