How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

You may be tired of looking at your old, out-dated windows and wonder if it might be time to invest in new ones. You know that they are no longer attractive but may wonder if new windows in St Paul are really worth the expense. Fortunately, there are a few indicators that you can look for that can suggest when it’s time to make an investment in new windows.

Innovations in window technology have made windows more energy efficient than ever before. In fact, some estimates suggest that a homeowner can save 10 to 25 percent of heating and cooling costs a year by installing new windows. When determining whether your windows have lost much of their energy efficiency, look for a few signs. A great place to start is by simply feeling around the window for hot or cold spots. If you can feel areas that are warmer or cooler than the rest of the room, you know that the windows are not very efficient. To check for drafts, place a lighted candle in front of the window. If you notice the candle flickering then you know that air is flowing through the window. Additionally, it is recommended that someone stands outside of the window with a flashlight and moves the light around the outside of the window frame. If you see light coming in from the exterior through any cracks or gaps, you can be assured that your windows are no longer very energy efficient.

Another reason to install new windows in St Paul is if there is damage to the window or the surrounding window frame. One indication of damage is if there is peeling paint around the exterior. This may be caused by improperly sealed windows that have moisture buildup. Another simple test is to check for the softness of the window frame wood. Tap the wood with a small screwdriver to make sure that the frame is still strong and sound. If the tool can be pushed into the wood easily, there is probably decay and replacing the windows should be considered.

There are other conditions that may indicate new windows would be a wise investment. Windows that no longer work can be a safety hazard for occupants. Additionally, windows in St Paul that have condensation in the glass are not only very unattractive but can trap mold. Older windows may also not provide enough of a sound barrier against outside noises and installing new windows may be worth the expense simply to provide better sound insulation.

All of these reasons indicate that it might be time to install new windows in your home. When it’s time, new windows can be a great investment in the appearance, value, and energy efficiency of your home.

If your Windows in St Paul are showing signs that it might be time for replacement, contact a window contractor near you. They can assist you in choosing and installing the right windows in St Paul for your home.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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