How Home Alarms Work

Home alarms have come a long way since the time they were first introduced in 1905 by Edwin Holmes. Many new technologies have been integrated into the systems we see today. However, the basic design and working is the same. Let us take a closer look at how these home alarms work.

Home Alarms: How it Works

Basically, home alarms consist of a main control panel, a siren and a number of sensors and detectors. These components are either hard wired to each other or transmit signals through radio waves, in the case of wireless security alarm systems. Your house will be divided into a number of zones. A zone can either be a specific area or a particular alarm sensor. The control panel will receive signals from each of these zones.

Activating the Alarm: To activate home alarm systems, you will need to punch in your pass code on the keypad of the control panel. Once you have armed the system, you will have a preset amount of time within which you need to leave your home; otherwise the alarm might trigger assuming that you are an intruder.

The Working: The door and window sensors work on the closed circuit principle. When the alarm system is activated, these sensors and other alarm components form a closed circuit. Electric current flows through this closed circuit and whenever a door or window is broken into or opened, the circuit breaks. This breaking of the circuit triggers the alarm, letting you know that your house has been broken into. Other components, such as motion sensors, use ultrasonic sound waves and microwave signals to detect movement. These units emit ultrasonic sound waves or microwave signals and wait for them to reflect back. If they sense motion they trigger the alarm.

In the case of monitored home alarms, as soon as the alarm is triggered, apart from sounding the sirens, the security monitoring center is also alerted about the emergency through the telephone lines. The monitoring center then calls back your home to confirm whether it is a false alarm or not. In case no one answers the call or if the call is answered under distress, the monitoring center immediately notifies the appropriate law enforcement officials for assistance. Some alarm systems include power backup and cellular technology so that the security alarm system stays functional even if there is a power outage or telephone lines are down.

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