Giving Yourself The Perfect Konad French Tips

If you are looking for that polished look that you think can only be achieved from a professional nail salon then you haven’t tried giving yourself Konad French tips. The process of applying French tips is simply, especially when you use the wonderful products from Konad. Everything you need can be purchased online and it be delivered directly to your home. Included in your order you will find detailed instructions that clearly outline the process of applying the tips successfully the first time. After using these products you will never go back to your local nail salon again. Why spend that money when you can do it yourself for half the cost and you don’t even have to leave your house.

Before applying the Konad French tips you will need to prepare your nails. To do this you should always clip and file them to remove any jagged edges. It is also important that you remove any old nail polish before beginning your own French manicure. A French manicure should consist of white tips on top of sheer polish that gives a nice clean appearance to your nails. Once your nails are ready you can begin by applying the base coat, which you will leave dry before doing anything else.

Included in your Konad French tips kit you will find a set of guide strips that you will place on your nails. This will allow you to apply white tips that are perfectly aligned and straight. Nothing is looks worse than a French manicure where the white tips are not even. There are some people that choose to do the French tips without using the guide strips but if you are not experienced with doing it, it isn’t advised. In the end you will only have to remove everything and have to start over. It is up to you where you place the guide strips on your nails. The close the top that you place the guide, the less amount of white tips that will be showing.

Once the guide strips are in place you can begin painting your nails with the white tip polish that came in your Konad French tips kit. This is fairly simple; all you need to do is paint the top portion of your nail white and then remove the strip. After painting the tips people often try to remove the guide strip too quickly and as a result some of the white polish on the tip comes with it. It advised that you let the white tip dry slightly before removing the guide and you always need to remove the guide slowly. It won’t take long before you have perfected the art of giving yourself Konad French tips.

Konad French tips are suitable for any occasion but often people are overwhelmed with the process. To get colorful advice from the experts on nail art contact today and color your nails like never before.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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