Fostering Innovation With Healthcare Continuing Education

Knowledge and practices in the healthcare domain evolve continuously. According to industry experts James Morrison, E. James Kelley and Carl Lindsay, approximately 50 percent of the knowledge obtained in medical school becomes obsolete in five years. Due to this nature of the job, healthcare continuing education becomes imperative for medical professionals, particularly doctors, nurses and dentists. In fact, patients’ well-being and lives often depend on these professionals keeping abreast with the advances. Benefits of Healthcare Continuing Education

Healthcare continuing education, besides enabling maintenance of competence, allows skill enhancement without committing too much on time. Besides, you also have the flexibility in choosing the course or curriculum that captures your interest; or what you believe is most pertinent to your current expertise.

Other key benefits of continuing learning are:

1.Training by industry leaders: Content for continuing education programs are developed and delivered by experts. 2.Diverse education modes: Classes are delivered as live events, online programs, written publications, audio, video and other electronic media. 3.Flexible curriculum: Full discretion to choose subjects that are not directly linked to your field. Therefore, besides honing your specialization, you can gain a perspective on other related fields as well. These additional skills can help you undertake wider responsibilities. 4.Facilitates networking: Healthcare continuing classes enables you to meet other professionals from your field and expand your network. Also, you get ample opportunities to attend workshops and conferences, bringing you in direct contact with pioneers. Hence, the benefits of continuing education do not stop in the classroom.

Most importantly, many states in the United States mandate healthcare continuing education for medical professionals for maintaining their licenses. For instance, Arizona requires professionals need to have around 40 hours of continuing education every two years.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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