Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your Kitchen

If you’re a Dallas homeowner planning an upcoming kitchen remodel, you probably have a pretty good idea of where you want to focus your budget — new appliances, new floor, maybe a different design scheme. Here are five possibilities for a memorable gathering place you can achieve with your Dallas kitchen remodel:

  1. Get radical with lighting fixtures. Chances are, new lighting is one of the last items on your Dallas kitchen remodel wish-list. But lighting is essential to the kitchen environment whether for visible food preparation or late-night heart-to-heart illumination. These days, why limit yourself to traditional lighting fixtures? Nowhere is it written that you can’t install a chandelier in certain rooms. Track lighting is great, but why not take a cue from your favorite Dallas restaurant and look for track lighting that’s both inventive and functional? The key to lighting your kitchen well is to create an inviting atmosphere that lends itself to company.
  1. Put in your own island. True, a Dallas kitchen remodel can be costly in the extreme. But you don’t have to pour all your money into professional contractors. Nowadays, the possibilities for finding and installing your own interior elements are virtually limitless. A sturdy wooden table that you pick up at an estate sale might work just as well or better than a $2,000 pre-fab model from the home improvement store. But unless you’re a home-renovation guru, leave plumbing and electrical renovations to the pros.
  1. Paint your appliances. A pink fridge? A chartreuse oven? Why not? If it has a surface, it can be painted. Painting your appliances is a quick, inexpensive remodeling tactic that doesn’t require much in the way of expertise. It does call for the right kinds of paint, though, so be sure to consult a paint pro. For flawless results, take your appliances to a Dallas auto paint shop.
  1. Create a kid zone. Small children love to be in the kitchen with parents as they are getting dinner ready. But mom and dad know that there are lots of hazards for kids — ovens, boiling water, sharp blades — so they often end up getting shooed out while meals are being prepared. As part of your Dallas kitchen remodel, consider setting aside an area of the room that’s just for the children with whatever kid-friendly kitchen accoutrements will keep them content and away from safety concerns.
  1. Turn your kitchen into a green zone. Dallas residents are on the eco-bandwagon, and that’s a good thing. There’s virtually no end of ways to make your home earth-conscious, whether by choosing only renewable or recycled materials for floors, counters, and walls or by installing certified energy-saving appliances and plumbing. If money’s no object, there’s nothing to prevent a complete environmental Dallas kitchen remodel.

If you’re planning a Dallas kitchen remodel, don’t limit yourself to what you see in the latest issue of Home & Garden. Get creative and find a whole range of possibilities for making this essential area the centerpiece of your family life.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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