Security Alarms Are A Safe Bet

Security alarms provide you peace of mind by preventing intruders from entering your home and offices. For an initial payment and monthly fees you can give the task of maintaining the security of your house and offices to a security company.

Types of Security Alarms

There are a range of alarms available to suit all manner of security needs. Some of them are simple and can be personally installed, while others are more sophisticated and need to be installed by experts. However, most alarms fall in the following three categories:

Pressure-based Alarms: Intruder alarms or burglar alarms based on pressure keys are installed next to the doors of your house. Since 90% of all breaking and entering happens through a door, this kind of security alarm makes perfect sense. The alarm is triggered whenever the door is opened and a signal is sent to the monitoring station.

Motion-sensitive Alarms: These alarms are triggered whenever there is any kind of movement in or around your house. In case you have pets, you can also opt for motion sensitive alarms that are pet tolerant.

Camera Alarms: These alarms are fitted with cameras and sound recording devices which act as additional eyes and ears when you are away from your house. This system can also be used to keep an eye on anyone inside the house; for example, your baby sitter.

Selecting Security Alarms

Since criminal methods are hard to predict, you should consult a well-reputed security firm for a proper assessment of your security needs. A good security company will be well versed with the latest developments and they can correctly advice you. While choosing a good security company, try to get references from your friends and relatives who might have recently installed security alarms in their houses or workplace.

Check the history of the company that you want to hire. If the company is in business for long; it would indicate that the company is reliable. After all, security is an issue that cannot be compromised on.

If you live in a crime-prone area, try and find out about additional services such as insurance, etc.

One security company which can offer reliable security alarms to suit all kinds of needs and budgets is ADS Home Security. You can also contact the company for any information in the field of home security.

ADS Home Security, leading home security system company and an authorized ADT dealer provides security alarms to protect what you value most.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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